How to get 250,000 Real Facebook Followers In Under A Month

                                    Today i will tell you about the Different between the purchased (buy followers) and real followers on can search on the google for the website which give you spam followers of account and like your Facebook page in just in few seconds. And if you do that for your Facebook page. You can check , Fb has a new algorithm that find these types of activities in just few time. And if Fb find this spam type of activities on your account then they will penalize your account or may be unpublish your page. and they will never do this if you are making page in correct way. in this way you can get auto Facebook followers.

                                     Now, we are going to be discussing about the real followers for you, it does not mean that you did not pay for them. in simple words you have to pay only to Facebook because Facebook is a network pay to play. they want to you are only paying on fb not someone else. It means you are paying them it means you have to spend promotion dollars to attract them by this. Facebook followers increase

auto followers facebook
A conference worker passes a demo booth at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference,

                               Okay, now you are thinking is it possible to get million of people to like your page only in one month? Yes. It's actually very easy when you are follow a step by step guide for this. i have done this many time for my company or other companies page.

                               For this you need some time and money for do this. if you are thinking to do is free, then it is possible, but you have to give more time for this like one year or more.
There is a option on your page "boosting" you can use this button for your Facebook page which can attract more people to like or follow your page. you can get like for your page from 50 cents to 5 dollars per follower on an average. this is not that strategy. we will only targeting a cost per new follower well below 5 cents only then you can get one followers per 5 cent.

First Step

                          First of all you have to identify an audience that have a significant number attached for it. by this i mean you have to choose who will be fans of your new Facebook page. make sure that there is enough people of them you want get 250,000 followers of number. Note if you are creating a Fb page for the dog owners, then you have to choose the dog owners, do not choose any other cat owners, mouse owners who live in different country. that other audience is too small for gain your desired following.

Once you've selected them, you have to create and save the audience in the Facebook ads manager for this group of audience. I recommend you to only create half of the audience and create different audience for this. and also you can choose people who like only pages about the dogs. you can select the people who like other people who are following the popular dog pages. So, that's good if you are creating different ways for the page audience.

Second Step

                                  Just you have to set your Facebook page and fill all the information about your page. I  also recommend you to creating a new Instagram page as the same name of you Facebook page then you can also get Instagram followers by your Facebook page. For example, I've created a new page on Fb and it reached the 250,000 followers and the Instagram page reached 30,000 followers in that same time without any other effort.

Third Step

                                Now you have to only find what your audience is like or engaging with. Go to other pages that posting posts like your page and check all the posts on that pages. Find out the most popular once are getting the lot's of likes and shares. then you can get auto followers Facebook. Then create a similar post like other pages. For instance, if you notice that people will engage with the cute images of dogs then you have to find the images with cute dogs for getting better result.

You have to post daily 4 to 6 times per day for activeness. And you have to spend some money for promotion of your page.  then you have a good chance for getting more followers for your page.

Fourth Step

                                 You have to now boost your every single post you publish. I recommend you to using a small amount for boost. you have to boost $5 to $10. you have to boost them just for one day.
If you want to boost your post then just boost on pages image it will get the most engagements in the terms of reactions (likes, love, laugh, sad, cry, angry), shares and comments. and the videos will get a lot of views, but less likes. so you have to just boost images for higher likes.

Fifth Step

                                The reason for boosting all posts is because you are looking for the best cost per engagement.some posts can cost you 10 cents per engagement and the other can cost $1 per engagement. it all depends on your image if your image is attractive then your cost less then 2 cents per engagement. if your old post is getting more organic reach without boost then you can just boost that post with more budget and you can get good results.

How To Get 250,000 Real Facebook Followers In Under A Month

VidMate App – Refer Friends and win Free Paytm Cash (Proof added)

VidMate App – Refer your Friends and win the Free Paytm Cash Coupon from the vidmate app,there are Lenovo Laptop and more Prizes in this app. Vidmate is a leading downloader app and that focuses on free HD video services in the app. You can find the massive amount of the video & music, and also download content from various websites from the vidmate app, including but not limited to like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. Easy, fast, and small, Vidmate is the best choice for any video download from mobile! and the VidMate is giving you all Cool prizes on Referring Friends from your refer code !!

1) First of all,
 Download VidMate App HereHow to Get Refer Friends and Win Prizes:-

2) You have to Install & Open the VidMate App.
3) Now you have to go to the Me section >> Click on “100% win upto 50 Lakh”.
4) Now just Playthe Tubelight and Skip it.
5) Now Get your Referral link from there vidmate app.
6) Now you can Share it with your Friends or Family members for download the app.
7) Here For Each Referral, You will get 1 chance for the prize, you have to Just Claim it to get Paytm Cash Coupon or any other Prize.
8) I got the Rs 10 Paytm Cash in 1st Attempt from vidmate.
2nd Attempt again – Rs 10 Paytm Cash
3rd Attempt – Blank :/
4th Attempt – Jio/9app voucher for free internet.
5th Attempt – blank. :/
6th Attempt – Rs 10 Paytm Cash in my paytm
7th Attempt – Rs 10 Paytm Cash in my paytm
8th Attempt – Rs 1000 Paytm Cash in my paytm
9th- till now attempt – No Coupon in my app.
Rs 1000 Proof:- 

Rs 10 Proof:-

How to Redeem Paytm Coupon:-
1) First of all, you have to Open Paytm Add Money Page
2) Now you have to Enter the Amount what you won from the vidmate app
3)Now just Click on the “Have Promo code” and then enter the promo code and click on the Submit and then, click on the Add Money to wallet in paytm.
4)Now the Money will be added to your paytm wallet with in 24 hours.

Offer Details, Terms & Conditions:-

1) Duration for the offer:June 23 – July 2
2) How to play the offer:
>> You shall be a VidMate user with the Indian nationality
>> And You can get the more claim chances by inviting your friend to install the VidMate app. 1 invite gets you the 1 claim chance
>> And You can win the prize many time
3) Prizes:
>> Lenovo 310 Core i5 6th Gen – (8 GB/1 TB HDD/DOS/2 GB Graphics) IP 310 Notebook (15.6 inch, Black, 2.2 kg) laptop
>> Samsung Galaxy On8 (16 GB) (3 GB RAM) mobile
>> Cash Rs.5000 paytm
>> Cash RS.1000 paytm
>> Cash RS.10 paytm
>> 9Apps Vocher(Sponsored by 9Apps) internet voucher
4) How to get the prize:
>> After winning the prize, the winner is required to fill in the correct contact details before July 30, 2017.
>> Please ensure that the information provided is correct. VidMate is not responsible for wrong delivery of products.
>> In case of multiple information. The latest information will be considered.
>> Laptop or Smartphone will be delieverd to the directly to user’s address at home.
>> You must redeem in the paytm before the December 25, 2017. After that the codes will be invalid or not working.
>> 9Apps Vocher can claim only by downloading the 9Apps. Click on this link to download the 9Apps app store.
Then download the special version in 9Apps. You can get all the Jio/My Airtel/Vodafone etc. bonus
5) For any question,mail us by
6) If VidMate finds that winner used several mobile phones to play the campaign for getting more prizes, VidMate has rights to disqualify the user and ban them.

VidMate App – Refer Friends and win Free Paytm Cash (Proof added)

How To Bypass [FB] Photo Tag Verfication 2017 [100% Working]

Hello My Dear Friends!! From the last some days I got many requests from my visitors or friends , For the trick  'How to bypass Facebook photo tag verification of Facebook' with best and easy and very simple way, so for this trick I come with a new amazing trick. Few month ago I was also facing this problem but I easily bypass the Facebook photo verification with this awesome trick.

How To Bypass [FB] Photo Tag Verication 2015 [100% Working]

Why You Face the facebook Photo Tag Verification Problem?

Some facebook users thinks about the facebook images verification and why fb wants the real proof of user after using real name or real profile picture, the reason is very simple, its a fb security system. it means when fb notice that any persons any  wrong activity than fb security system thinks that the person is fake or spammer so thats why fb security system catch the person and put the facebook photo verification on his/her facebook login account.

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There are two simple method of facebook photo verification

1st method:-

1)You have to first Download the TunnelBear app from your phone if you have android then download from here or if you have iphone then downlaod from here iPhone  after download you have to install the app and then you have to make a new account in tunnelbear.

2)Open the app and after open the app you have to change your location to Japan if japan is not working then change it to spain.

3)Now you have to just login from your blocked facebook photo verification account and then enter the captcha code in the box.

Now you will see that there is no fb pic verification on your account instead it will ask for your phone number for facebook photo verification.

4)After this you have to Just change the japan or spain phone code to your country code and then you have to enter your phone number for verification your facebook account.

5)Now you will get a confirmation code in your phone number,just enter this code and you will be login back to your facebook photo verification account.

2nd Method(It is difficult than 1st)-

1)Login to your facebook photo verification Account , after facebook login this you will be forced to enter the captcha code and then the step come in which you were asked to identify the photos in which your friends are tagged in your facebook photo verification.

Now you will get 5 chances[5 photos + 2 skip option]

2) Here you can take a screen shot of the 7 pictures one by one and save in your mobile or pc with 1,2,3,4.... [also use both skip options in facebook photo verification]

3)Now Repeat the step 2 again and again [depends on the number of friends you have in your account]
If you have between 50-100 friends then you need atleast 20 images download in your mobile or pc..

4)Now when the same pic will come , just compare the pic with the previous screen shot of the same pic and you will see 5 names are different and 1 is match the previous pic names.

Here you can see Prem Pasricha in both pics,so Prem Pasricha is the correct answer.

5)Now here you can got the one right answer. Just save the answer in the notepad or any notebook.

Again when you will see the same pic , just compare and find the same name.

Do again and again these steps till than you got all the answer.

Note:In 1 day you can try only 3 times for facebook photo verification. And you have to do this for 2-3 days only.

Once you find all your friends photos just try to solve the facebook photo verification.


Last Word: Well here is the end of article. I hope you will be able to bypass photo tag verification of your account. If you want to ask any question regarding this article then feel free and ask in comment box.

How To Bypass [FB] Photo Tag Verfication 2017 [100% Working]

How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL- Blogger Tips

How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL- Blogger Tips

Every blogger has a different reason to redirect his blogger url to another url in blogger. The reasons be like , want to send visitors from one blog to another different blog or want to move our visitors to another custom domain or the website.


Just suppose now you have 2 blogs on blogger and the one of them has lots of visitors. now you have a custom domain or you want to buy a new custom domain and you want to redirect your blogger visitors to the new custom domain.


You are using blogspot as a blogger platform but you have a new self hosted wordpress blog and you want to move your blogger to the wordpress.
i will not take so much time because there i dont want to waste your time.

Now, How to Redirect the Blogger/BlogSpot URL to Another/Custom URL .com?

As now you can see In this article, I’ll show you how to automatically redirect the Blogger Blog URL to Any other custom domain or blog.
I have also redirected my blog to .Com domain If you want to see whether it is working or not, Click Here.
By this way you will be redirected to my .Com website

How to do this?


Login to the website and go to your Blogger Dashboard.


Now you have to Choose the Templates option then > Click on the Edit HTML option as shown in following snapshot in this article.
How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL


Now you have to find the <head> section as mentioned in snapshot.


Now you have to Paste the following code as shown in snapshot and click on the Save Template.
<meta content='1;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>


1).You have to Replace the above domain name in Blue color with the URL you want to forward to.
2). The Number 1 in the red color describe the time in seconds. URL will be redirected after 1 sec after the page load.
how to redirect blog url

Or (You can use following this script too to redirect your Blog URL to any other URL)

<script type='text/javascript'>

var d='<data:blog.url/>';

d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, '');

location.href = '';

In the above code there is no time, it will redirect as you type blog address in blogger.
how to redirect blog url

Tip: Don’t redirect your blogger URL to any SPAM URL otherwise your blogger account may be blocked or deleted.
By this way you can redirect your blogger URL to any other URL.
Thanks for reading this. I hope you liked this article. Share this to your friends and colleagues. If you have any question, please write in comment section.

How to Redirect Blogger URL to Another URL

(Unlimited Trick + Proof) Uc News App : Refer And Earn Rs.5000 Into Bank Account

uc news free 8000rs
uc news free 8000rs earn

Refer and Earn Rs.8000 Into your Bank Account with Uc News App Unlimited free Trick

Hello Guys, Uc News is back with new amazing offer where you can earn Rs.8000 in your bank account by referring uc news to your friends. This is promotional offer from uc news. Uc news has already provided us many prizes before like Amazon Gift voucher, Rs.5000 in bank (old offer) and this time they are giving Rs.8000 again in bank. So if you missed last time then you have to a chance to win the amount of Rs.8000 into your bank directly. You can also earn Amazon Gift voucher and Paytm Cash By Referring uc news to all your friends. In this uc news post i will also provide you the 100% working and real Uc News App download and earn Unlimited Trick. So Guys, now do not waste your time more in searching new mobiles for Uc News App Unlimited refer Trick, Uc News App Online Referral Script for simply follow the easy guide from below and you can earn Rs.8000 into your bank account.

 Uc News App Loot Offer

The task of Looting the Amazon Gift voucher from the Uc News App is very easy for all. You can Earn Unlimited Free Amazon Gift vouchers or unlimited Paytm Cash from this loot offer. We will provide you the Uc News Unlimited Trick and also in the end of this post. So that you can earn daily Unlimited Free Amazon Gift vouchers by yourself. Uc App had already provided many Offers for us to Win the Real Money or Amazon gift vouchers. So without wasting your time more. Let’s come to the main point of the unlimited trick.

How to Earn Rs.8000 + Amazon/Paytm Cash by uc news (working)

  • First of all you have to, download the Uc News app
  • After Install and open the app
  • After opening the app now you have to click on the ”Me” button and you will see ”Rs.8000 cric fund” banner
  • Now Click on it and after Click on ”Enter Code” option
  • And put it : 11088194 and enter your name in the ”Nickname
  • Now You are done. Now you can refer and earn Rs.8000.

How to Refer and Earn From Uc News

  • First of all Open the app and click on ”me
  • After open And now click on the ”Invite to win
  • Now you have to Copy your Uc News Referral Code & Share as much as you can
  • Now go and Refer more & win Rs.8000 in your bank account.
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Terms & Conditions

  • Mobile campaign : 25th march to 31th march 2017
  • Rs.8000 cash will be given after you complete 100% Journey!! of uc news (Reach 0 KMs)
  • Do not Uninstall your UC Browser or UC News during the campaign.

How to Redeem The Earnings

  • Once you completed Rs.8000 in your uc news account
  • You will get a form to fill your all bank details like Account Numbers, IFSC Code ect.
  • You have to Fill the form carefully and you will receive Rs.8000 in your bank account very soon.
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Uc News Unlimited Trick (working)

How many of you are searching on Google about the Uc News App Unlimited and free Trick, or Uc News App Hack,and  Uc News App Online Script, do not search more about it because here i am going to share free and 100% working Uc News Unlimited Trick. Just read the article below.

UC News Unlimited Trick For only Samsung Users

  • Firstly you have to Download Samsung My Knox App. from play store.
  • Then Register a account by filling your all details in the app.
  • Now you have to Open the UC News App in the Samsung My Knox App and Complete Refer using your Refer code its done
  • Now Uninstall the Samsung My Knox App from your phone.
  • And now you have to Repeat the Steps again and again for more free refers.

UC News Unlimited Trick for Xiaomi (redmi) Users (working)

  • First Of All Go To Your Phone Settings then> Create Second Space.
  • Now you have to Add UC News and Open New Second UC News app.
  • Now Complete the refer using your refer code.
  • You have to Delete the Second UC News app.
  • Now Again follow the same steps to make unlimited refers of uc news.
This is 100% genuine and free offer. Last time i got Rs.5000 in my bank account. So do not this miss this offer.
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Uc News (working) Proof

Uc News App Unlimited Trick & Online Referral Script 2017

Conclusion :

So Guys, this was the Uc News App free Refer and Earn Offer to win the Unlimited Free Amazon Gift vouchers and Rs.5000 in bank account. you have to Download the App now and Earn Free Vouchers or Paytm Cash.Please Share this post with your friends or groups to support us. If you have any query in regards to this, you can ask in comment box.

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Uc News App Unlimited Trick working

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(Unlimited Trick + Proof) Uc News App : Refer And Earn Rs.5000 Into Bank Account

facebook id viral fast
How to make a facebook id viral in 5 minutes
How To Make Viral Facebook Id In just 5 Minutes. 🙂
Hello Guys , today i am going to share a free and 100% working trick how to viral facebook id in just 5 minutes.
Requirements For This Facebook Viral Id Trick :-
Facebook Social Toolkit for Your Pc or Laptop
Chrome Browser
Pc or laptop
How To Make Viral Facebook Id In just 5 Minutes (1st Method) :-
1. First of all you have to download Facebook Social Toolkit extensions on your pc .
2. Then Open your facebook account in the chrome browser.
3. Now Click on The “ Find Friends “.

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4. Now You will see many suggestions to make facebook friends there.
5. Now You have to click on the Facebook Social Toolkit extensions and then click on the “ Click All Add Friend Buttons “.
6. Now you can see that facebook friends requests are sending automatically in high speed from your id.
7. Now after sending friends requests to all the persons appearing on your screen, Refresh the page and again you can see the new suggestions for send requests.
8. You have to send Again and again friend requests to all the persons until you are able to do.
9. Now Its Done, Within some seconds you can surely feel changes in your facebook id.
10. Your id is now successfully viral.
Note – Any Trick Need? Just Comment down ♥
2nd Viral Trick is Coming Soon 😍

Thanks for read if you have any problem about this trick and faceing problem in doing this viral id trick just comment down your problem we will solve your issues as soon as possible.

How To Make a Facebook ID Viral In 5 Minutes

God of War 1 Free Download Full Version

God of War 1 Cover, Poster
God Of War One Full Version

System Requirements For This Game

  • Firts OS: Windows XP/7/8/Vista In your pc
  • Second CPU: Core 2 Duo in your pc
  • Third RAM: 1 GB RAM in your pc
  • Fourth HDD :3 GB free in your pc
  • Fifth Video Card: 256 MB nvidia Geforce
  • Sixth Sound Card: DirectX Compatible in your pc
  • Seventh DirectX: 9.0c in your pc

Screenshots Of The Game

God of War 1 Screenshots
God of War 1 Screenshots
God of War 1 Screenshots

How to Install The Game In Your Pc?

  1. You have to do the Extract the file of the using this Winrar to download the game. (Download Winrar)
  2. Now you have to Open the “God of War 1 – Apun Ka Games” folder, double click on “Setup” and install it.
  3. After installation complete, Then you have to go to the folder where you install the game.
  4. And then Open the folder, double click on “God Of War” icon to play the game. Done!

How to Download The Game?

If your don’t know how to Download this game, You can just Click Here! For download

God of War 1 Free Download Full Version for pc

Click Here To Download This Game
Game Size only: 195 MB
Password: apunkagames

God of War 1

God of War 1 - PC Game Download Free Full Version 2017

Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page (Single Click) – 2017
Invite all facebook friends in one click

Facebook is the most popular and usable social networking platform in the world. Where we all can create our profile,our Pages,and also groups and many events to interact with people from all the world. Normally we use only our Profiles but for the special causes, events or any business we need to create a page of our business, group and event. It is not an easy task to grow facebook fan page likes, group members or any event. As we have already written about the How to get 20,000 likes on facebook page. But the most difficult task which we face when get likes on page is sending too many invitation to others to join our facebook fan page, event or group. just Suppose we have 5000 friends in our facebook profile and if we take 1 second for invite every person from your profile then we have need approx 1,2 hours to complete this difficult task. But don’t worry, our weptro team is here for your help.
Today we are going to share and also explain you the best and 100% working trick to invite all facebook friends to like page on Facebook. This trick will help you to give tremendous growth to your Facebook fan page likes and also save your time. We just have need to install one extension or even run a small coding script specially made for user's to invite all facebook friends to like Facebook page. In this trick you can also use to invite all friends to Facebook event. But this method is only working fine to invite all facebook friends to pages and your events. So this is the best way to invite all Facebook friends to like our facebook fan page.

How To Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Page.

1st Trick:- Invite All Friends To Like our Facebook Page (Only Chrome Extension).

1st:- 1st of all you have to install the Google chrome extension in your pc or laptop.

2nd:- Now This extension will provide you the feature to invite all your Facebook friends by only one single click.
Add to Chrome

3rd:- Now After the installation of this chrome extension there is a small icon will start appearing on the top right side of the chrome browser in your pc or laptop.

4th:- Now the Button will only appear when you open only Facebook website otherwise it will disappear from the chrome.
Invite All Friends To Facebook Page chrome extension
5th:- Now you have to login into your facebook account whose friends you want to invite to like your facebook fan page.

6th:- After that you have to open your Facebook page and then you have to click on the Invite all friend button.

7th:- Now there  is a New pop up window will appear with name of all facebook friends.

8th:- Then you have to just click on the icon of the extension which had installed in chrome.
Invite All Friends To Facebook Page chrome extension
Last:- After this process just wait for few second and your all fb friends invite automatically.

2nd Trick:- Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Page By Using simple Script.

1st step:- 1st of all you have to open your Facebook page where you want to invite all facebook friends.Then just click on the Invite all friends option and pop window will appear on screen.

2nd step:- After that just press F12 button on keyboard. And then console window box will appear on screen.

3rd step:- You have to only Copy below code or script and then paste them in the console box.
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

4th step:- After pasting the above code into the console box you have to press the button. Invitation to like Facebook page will be send successfully.
Invite All Friends To Facebook Page script code
we hope that this simple and the effective guide on How to  Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Page will help you most in getting popularity and attention for your facebook fan page. enjoy the trick. if you want any help, assistance or query from us, then just please write to us in comments below. thanks for your visit.

Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page (Single Click) – 2017